Introduction to the platform by the owner and developer, Caltech Professor Jim Musgrave of EMRE Publishing.

If you're a publisher, author, educator or digital sales person, then you'll want to attend this online meeting.

Choose the date/time you can meet the owner and developer of the Embellisher™ Mobile ePub3 Platform.  He will explain everything that's available to you as a new technology adopter.

  • We have an international team of website developers to brand your new website (with purchase of the platform).  We secure your site's private domain (SSL), and we can install any kind of plugins you wish to include with your Embellisher.
  • In addition, we have a team of ePub3 development programmers who work with EMRE Publishing to create fiction and non-fiction titles, in both conventional formats (.epub and .pdf) as well as the .ePub3 (multimedia) format that are used inside the Embellisher platform.  Jim will show you one of these eBooks during the tour.
  • Educators will see how online mobile courses that utilize instantaneous learning, in bite-sized increments, can be delivered across students' mobile apps, including cell phones.
  • ePub3 books are distributed by both teachers and students, over a mobile learning network.  That means no more boring Powerpoints, video lectures, or "frozen" html pages that are "merely" accessible over a mobile device inside an LMS system.  With the Embellisher platform, K-12 and adult learners will learn faster, with more accuracy and retention. 
  • Jim, a former Caltech online instructor, will explain why and how this is accomplished in his guided tour.  He spent ten years developing his platform for the most motivated and intelligently "independent" students there are, and now he wants all teachers to benefit from what he's created.
  • Business people who want to sell digital content directly to their clientele (like Yaron Goldstein, one of EMRE's early clients, who is one of the largest distributors of eBooks to readers in Israel).  Yaron worked with us to tailor his version of the Embellisher™ for his readers, and you can too.  Just tell us what your business is, and what you want to sell, and we'll get the experts you need to accomplish it!



This business not only serves the readers of the exclusive ePub3-formatted eBooks created by EMRE Publishing, it also serves as the home to other websites as well!  If you are interested, you can get a free website included with the purchase of the Embellisher secure mobile platform.  The post-COVID world will be concerned with ownership and the protection of quality ePub3 intellectual property.  We are here with the tools and the developers to assist you in making that happen.

In addition, if you're simply an author who wants to "enhance" her book to sell to a mobile audience through the EMRE Publishing platform, then contact us.  We can provide a free Zoom session to explain your options and show you what your present eBook can look like and how it can be marketed successfully.

Our international developers and eBook "enhancers" have years of experience, including work with major publishing houses and universities, including, Taylor & Francis, Simon & Schuster, Andrews Mcmeel Universal, Penguin Random House India & Canada, Open Road Media, Australian Government Department of Defence, Crawford, T-Base, Texas A&M University (TAMU), AMAC, Cengage Learning etc. in creating and managing their content efficiently and cost-effectively by preparing them for simultaneous delivery to digital platforms.

Please read this article about some of our satisfied clients.

Five ePub3 Advantages for Education
  1. Reflowable – EPUB (Electronic Publication) is a format of eBook that offers some amazing features and reflowable content is one of them. Since readers are accessing content on multiple devices with different screen sizes, reflowable content can enhance the reading experience.An eBook in ePUB3 format will adjust the content as per the screen size. This means readers don’t have to move the screen from one corner to another while reading an eBook.
  2. Interactivity – Before eBooks, PDFs were working fine with the readers. The audience was able to read the book on their devices, but there were restrictions. Foremost, they weren’t reflowable, restricting the reading experience. Second, publishers were not able to add interactivities to it. However, things changed with ePUB3. ePUB3 allows publishers to add various interactivities, like audio, video, presentations and even third-party links. By adding these, publishers can now keep their audience engaged with their eBooks.
  3. Global Standards – Technologies have their own restrictions. Formats before ePUB3 were not global-language friendly. This means they were restricted to only a few regions. However, ePUB3 broke that barrier and is now global-language friendly. This implies with ePUB3 publishers have right-to-left and improved annotation that breaks the geographical barrier. This can be used by anyone and from anywhere.
  4. Read-aloud Feature – With ePUB3, a lot of things changed, one of which was the read-aloud feature (SMIL). This feature has made it easy for publishers to reach a wider audience, hassle-free. The format supports various input formats, such as XML, HTML, PDF, and others. There is also an option of a ‘Narrator’. This supports 32 languages and further allows the creation of audiobooks that sound natural.
  5. Accessibility –  It’s important for eBooks to be WCAG compliant. As publishers, it’s the responsibility to make the content accessible to the audience of various kinds. WCAG ensures that the content is available for people with learning disability, literacy challenges, visual impairment, and other reading-related problems.

ePUB3 addresses these issues and provides an enhanced solution. The format offers better semantics, media overlays, pronunciation hints, and text-to-speech playback. This makes eBook accessible to the audience from various walks of life.

ePUB3 is the latest format that has elevated the popularity of eBooks amongst the younger generation. Publishers prefer this format because of the mentioned features. User-friendly content is the key to success, and ePUB3 makes it possible.


If you're interested in taking your digital publishing to the next "secure" level, we are here right now to make that happen.  Unlike other ePub3 development services, we allow our clients to fully own their Embellisher (TM) platform.  We do help to create the multimedia eBooks, however, and show them how to implement the store and create their entire online school.

We work with clients, one-on-one, with a team of content specialists and programmers, who can show you how your new brand can be created from scratch, if need be.  We also can help you develop the ePub3 content you need to make your online school, business, or publishing house become successful.

All our paid clients get a one-on-one workshop that teaches you all of the tricks of developing, creating, and marketing ePub3 content, including:

  • Professor Musgrave's Caltech "project management process" to plan your best multimedia project.
  • The "successful way to create your project" using Professor Musgrave's "Eclectic Web Method."
  • How to harness the "big dog" online distributors, like Amazon, to send clients to your application where you make 100% profits (instead of giving 15-20 percent to the Amazons of the world).
  • How to create Social Media ads that deliver your projects directly to the end users who want your stuff.

Call or eMail to discuss the possibilities.  We can also schedule a free and private Zoom Meeting with you and/or your principle employees or agents. 

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“ePub3 delivery, when done properly, added security, interactivity, and new interest to my client base.  Jim's techs added the language fonts I needed to create multimedia eBooks in both Hebrew and Arabic languages.  I am completely satisfied with the security, as we in Israel have never had to deal with middlemen like Amazon.  We've always sold our eBooks directly to the readers, just like Jim does.”

—Yaron Goldstein, eBook Developer and Distributor, Israel
“I lost my school, so I wanted to start an entire online school during the COVID lock-down.  EMRE Publishing got it done.  The students were involved, creative and learned new ways of comprehending, using all of their five senses, using the ePub3 Creator Studio.”

—Ms. Anu Sharma, Principal and Owner, Jasmine Online Live, Middle School, India.
“As an attorney and law professor for many years, I wanted to start an online legal tutoring business. I also needed to establish my own website presence to look professional, and the owner, Jim Musgrave, a former Caltech professor who developed this program for his own online students, gave the website to me free, with the purchase of this fantastic developer software.”

—Patrick Gould, Esq.
Owner/Author/Developer James Musgrave explains the reasons why he created the Embellisher ePub3 creation and delivery platform for independent authors, teachers, and business people.


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